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Last call for holiday letters!
I'll be sending out my holiday/update letters in the next 36 hours or so. Anyone else who wants one, please send me your snail mail address ASAP or comment below! And I thank you. :)

Holiday film reviews
I actually watched these last year, but here are reviews of two Christmas-themed films that I have not yet posted. Enjoy!

Four ChristmasesCollapse )

Nothing Like The HolidaysCollapse )

And in the words of another Christmas-themed movie, RENT: Merry Christmas, bitches! See you next year.


Saturday morning movie reviews
Some people watch Saturday morning cartoons. But since I am at work, I will post Saturday morning movie reviews instead! (Since apparently I can only ever post on Saturday anyway, lol.) Here they are:

Coach CarterCollapse )

DuplicityCollapse )

Fast and FuriousCollapse )

FirewallCollapse )

FightingCollapse )

Inglourious BasterdsCollapse )

That's all for this morning. Have a great weekend, everyone.


To avoid only posting on Sundays this month...
...I bring you another review post. Today. Saturday. November 20th. Ready, go.

I Love You, ManCollapse )
The 6th DayCollapse )

FragmentsCollapse )

HavocCollapse )

The Hunt for Red OctoberCollapse )

Thanks for reading!


Pass the popcorn...
...because it's time for a film review post! And I'm actually getting somewhat close to catching up to myself in real life, so I can't exactly call these "old reviews" anymore, lol. But regardless, here are today's (minviendha, are you getting this?):

ValkyrieCollapse )

DoubtCollapse )

The OutlanderCollapse )
Murder on the Orient ExpressCollapse )

1408Collapse )

Angels and DemonsCollapse )

Thanks for reading!


Yes, I do still review movies. Really.
Like, for example, these:

The InternationalCollapse )

Super-Size MeCollapse )

All InCollapse )

12 RoundsCollapse )

HurricaneCollapse )

More to come, I promise. Thanks, everyone, for your patience.


You know the summer's almost ended when...
...almost three weeks can go by without your even noticing! Apparently I did an old review post on August 4th...and now here it is August 21st, and I haven't written a damn thing since then. Thanks for your patience! I actually have a real-life post coming up soon, so watch for that if you're on my flist, and I hope to be starting some 30-day memes soon, but in the meantime, it's just slow enough at work that I can run out another old review post. Today's old reviews are:

L.A. ConfidentialCollapse )

Star Trek (2009)Collapse )

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceCollapse )

Crossing OverCollapse )

The ReaderCollapse )

DefianceCollapse )

That's it for now. Time to get ready for the show tonight. Thanks for reading!


Who's ready for an old review post?
I am! It's Wednesday, August 4th (when the hell did it get to be August?), and today's old reviews are:

The Fifth CommandmentCollapse )

Tropic ThunderCollapse )

Shaun of the DeadCollapse )

TakenCollapse )

KillshotCollapse )

That's all I got this time, ladies and gents. Thanks for reading!


Writer's Block: For your viewing pleasure
What was the best movie of the year so far? Does it have the potential to become a classic?


Period. No question. Hands down. End of discussion. Next question, please.

That is all.

Movie time!
It's Tuesday, July 13th, and to be honest, things have been pretty stressful lately. So I figured I might take a stab at clearing my head with an old review post! Today's old reviews are:

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-LiCollapse )

SnatchCollapse )

Seven PoundsCollapse )
Sex DriveCollapse )

Repo! The Genetic OperaCollapse )

Sukiyaki Western DjangoCollapse )

The SpiritCollapse )

Slumdog MillionaireCollapse )

Okay, back to the grindstone. Thanks for reading!


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