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I'd rather be nine people's favorite thing...

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My name is James. I'm a grad student. I live (currently) in Pittsburgh, PA. A long time ago, I had a journal called peregrine373, which I deleted during a pretty tough period in my life. Now I'm back, under new auspices and new management, as it were. :P

The majority of my activity on here is related to westerosorting, where I am a mod of House Lannister. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones and its sequels, please head over there and fill out a membership app. We'd love to have you!

Occasionally I also post about my life. Like, REALLY occasionally, lol. I actually have a lot to say, but grad school keeps me busy enough that only a few posts tend to make it up. Those posts are friends only. I also used to (and hope one day again to) write film reviews, and post them here--if you want to read some of them, feel free to scan through my older public entries (all the review posts are public).

Friending policy: fairly open, if we have something in common or a reason to talk. If you want to friend me, please PM me first and let me know who you are. Thanks much!
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